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Jonathan Brush

The Future of Unbound is Bright

We’re in a better position than ever to realize the potential that exists in the original vision for Unbound. Training young Christian leaders in the art of learning, mastering the ordinary, and helping them identify the unique ways they can live in God’s design is the kind of thing that changes the world.

I’m absolutely thrilled by this opportunity to continue bringing Unbound students together with an all-star team by my side and I hope you'll join me in spreading the word! We're launching new programs and courses as early as Fall of 2020.

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About Us

Conventional education keeps students at their desks, actively undermines their faith in Christ, and forces most of them to start their life in debt. Unbound is different.

At Unbound, we provide students with the tools, community, and experiences that enable them to live an extraordinary life pursuing the will of God — and they can earn a fully-accredited bachelor’s degree at the same time.

Jonathan Brush

President and CEO

Jonathan Brush is the President and CEO of Unbound, a homeschool graduate, and a homeschool dad of six. He worked for nine years as a Director of Admissions for a private, liberal arts college, and then spent over ten years working in non-traditional higher education.

Jonathan loves Unbound and Unbound students and dreams every single day about new ways to connect them to each other. He gets to work with the world’s best team and the most amazing student body in the history of the world (which is just as awesome as it sounds), and field questions about Rule 4 violations (ask an Unbound student to explain). Jonathan and his family make their home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Megan Weber


Megan Weber is the COO of Unbound. She is a homeschool graduate and 2014 Unbound graduate who fell in love with her college experience as she earned her BSBA. She enjoys being the ‘get it done’ force behind new ideas and loves interacting with students online and in person. When she's not planning events, creating spreadsheets, or keeping the Unbound team on track, she can usually be found spending time with friends, mastering a new skill, or booking a flight for her next adventure.

Ben Billups


Ben Billups is the CMO and CIO of Unbound. After graduating in 2016 from the Unbound program with a degree in Economics, Ben served as a public policy analyst for the Texas Legislature, the Student Communications Director for Unbound, and, most recently, as the Marketing Manager for a landmark statewide news organization in Texas.

Ben is a homeschool graduate, an obsessive learner, a native Texan, an award-winning filmmaker, and an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Ellie Smith

Director, Sales & Admissions

Ellie Smith is the Director of Sales and Admissions for Unbound. She is a homeschool and Unbound graduate with a degree in Communications from Thomas Edison State University. In 2017 and 2018, she served on the Unbound National Student Cabinet as the Director of Sales and Marketing. In 2019, she traveled to Ecuador with Unbound’s mission team.

When Ellie isn't working with our awesome students, she's probably reading too many books at once, working on a graphic design or hand lettering project, or napping. Because naps are awesome. Her favorite meals are street tacos, popcorn, and coffee.

Victoria Grant

Director, Coaching & Content

Victoria Grant is the Director of Content and Coaching for Unbound. An Unbound graduate, Victoria has served in a variety of roles including student leadership, coaching, and in the Business and Leadership program. She is passionate about equipping young adults to recognize their potential, to know God, and make Him known in daily life.

When she’s not working on an Unbound project, you can find her scribbling on a novel, playing a favorite instrument, riding horses, watching a sunset, or dreaming up some new adventure that absolutely includes the Pacific coastline. One of the best parts of her world is walking alongside her fellow Unbound students as they make an eternal impact in their generation.


Wait. What happened?

Pearson Education purchased Lumerit Education, which included the Unbound Program, in October of 2019. As of July 1, 2020, Unbound is under new ownership and run by former staff, program alumni, and original board members.

Is anything going to change?

Current Unbound students will not experience an interruption of services. However, the new Unbound staff are currently developing a program that places greater emphasis on Christian leadership development and prepares students to launch into life ready to make a difference.

What if my family isn't ready for a college program?

We've got you covered! Unbound will be offering Dr. Jeff Meyer's accredited Signature Leadership Course series soon⁠ — which can be taken as an elective or for dual-credit. In addition, Unbound staff is currently developing a new series of non-accredited courses that will help highschool and college students identify a clear course of action for living a God-glorifying life.

Got more questions? Email support@beunbound.us and we'll get back to you!