The Community Initiative

Join Unbounders in a challenge to build community in our spheres of influence.

Join the Initiative

Over the last year, we spent a great deal of time together learning about and discussing community. We know that community is essential and that it’s tragically lacking in the world around us. But what can we do about it?

Community can’t be formulated. Creating it looks different in every situation. However, there are a few things that help to get started: awareness, intentionality to learn and act, passion, and support.

That is what The Community Initiative is all about. From now until APEX 2021, we’re going to be issuing bi-weekly challenges. They’re not designed to be a formula. They’re designed to be practical and actionable, yet also flexible and applicable to whatever community you find yourself in. They’re meant to be built upon. Many of them are designed to help us simply learn and explore the topic of community together. The challenges will be things like:

  • Call 3 people that you haven’t talked to in over a year.
  • Identify the oldest community that you are part of. Interview someone from that community.
  • Invite a new person into a community to which you already belong.
  • Find a place where community happens in your local area. Go hang out at that place.

By joining the initiative, you’ll become a part of this effort to build community, whether that is in your neighborhood, workplace, church, family, or friend group. You’ll receive emails with these bi-weekly challenges, and you’ll be invited to post on Facebook, Instagram, or the Forums sharing how the challenges went for you. As an Unbound community, we’ll have the opportunity to encourage each other, swap ideas, gain perspective from someone outside our own local areas, and discuss the intricacies of this topic.

This Initiative is meant to be the start of something much bigger. We want to ignite communities across the globeand with all of us Unbounders spread across the map, we have a dynamic team. Our world is desperate for true community, and we have an opportunity to be leaders who build that community. 

Will you join us?