Signature Leadership Courses

In this 3-course series, you will receive mentoring in Christian leadership from one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development.

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1. Leadership Theory & Practice

Knowing who you are is key to being a great leader. How can you bring out the best in others when you don't know what your strengths are?

  • Find your leadership style
  • Create achievable goals
  • Discover what motivates you

2. Leadership & Management Communication

Success in almost any area of life requires the ability to communicate well. Learning how to clearly communicate your ideas is critical.

  • Motivate people without manipulating them
  • Effectively communicate your ideas
  • Resolve conflict

3. Leadership Learning & Execution

Knowing the principles behind leadership is great, but being able to execute and act on those skills in a real life situation is even more important.

  • Find a mentor
  • Lead a team
  • Successfully plan and execute a project
  • PLUS! Attend the 5-day Capstone event in Colorado!

Meet Your Instructor

DR. JEFF MYERS is the President of Summit Ministries and has been leading students through the Signature Leadership Course series since 2012. In the last 30 years, he has become one of America’s most respected authorities on young adult leadership development.

As a communicator, Dr. Myers weaves together biblical insight, penetrating social commentary, fascinating research, and hilarious personal stories to motivate and challenge listeners. His inspiring presentations have delighted audiences of teachers, business leaders, parents, and young adults, renewing their enthusiasm for passing the baton of godly faithfulness.

The Capstone Event

Held in the mountains of Colorado, Capstone is part of the last course in the Signature Leadership Series. At this event, students are mentored in person by Dr. Jeff Myers on Christian leadership.

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Students attending the Capstone event


Definitely some of the most practical courses that I've been able to go through.

Abraham Chen, Signature Leadership Student

The courses taught me that I can be a leader at any age.

Chloe Roberts, Signature Leadership Student

I love how it applies to real life.

—Jonah Wilson, Signature Leadership Student


You must enroll or apply by August 31, 2020 to purchase these courses in 2020.

The Full College Experience

This package not only gives you access to all three of the leadership courses, it also includes travel expenses to Capstone and makes you a full student of the Ascend Program by Unbound.

  • All three Signature Leadership Courses
  • Travel and registration for Capstone
  • Teams, workshops, events, community access, and leadership opportunities that come with the Ascend program


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Is there an enrollment deadline?

Yes. You must enroll by August 31, 2020 to purchase these courses in 2020.

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